The Mission of the Thomaston Board of Education:
In a partnership of family, school and community, our mission is to educate, challenge and inspire
each individual to excel and become a contributing member of society.
2023-2024 Board of Education Goals
2023-2024 Superintendent Goals
The Board will evaluate the Superintendent based on the effectiveness of her leadership in implementation
and achievement of the district goals.
Builds employee morale and motivation by involving employees in setting goals, inspiring self-confidence in others
and offering semiannual feedback.
The Board will participate in biannual professional development provided by CABE to improve the collaborative leadership team
with the Superintendent to focus on priorities around high achievement for all students in the district.
Develop a 5-year and 10-year timeline that consistently exhibits a superior ability to organize work and
people in the most effective manner through the appropriate use of personnel policies and programs.