Public Participation

The Thomaston Board of Education meets in person and provides a live stream and recording of its Regular and Special Meetings on its YouTube Channel (  Public particpation during Thomaston Board of Education meetings is welcomed and must follow the parameters described in Board of Education Policy/Bylaws, including and no limited to Bylaws of the Board 9325 - Meeting Conduct:

  • Five (5) minutes may be allotted to each comment; the number of minutes allotted may be reduced to adhere to the maximum of twenty (20) minutes of comments to each subject matter.
  • No comments shall include charges or complaints against any employee of the Board of Education, regardless of whether or not the employee is identified in the presentation by name or by another reference that tends to identify an individual. All charges or complaints against employees shall be submitted to the Board of Education under provision of Board of Education policy.
  • Comments must be written in a civil manner, with due respect for the dignity and privacy of others who may be affected by their comments. While it is not the Board’s intent to stifle public comment, if the comments violate the rights of others under the law of defamation or invasion of privacy, the speaker may be held legally responsible. Those unsure of the legal ramification of their comments are urged to consult first with their legal advisor.

The Public Participation portion of Regular Board of Education Meetings occurs immediately after the "Approval of the Agenda" to allow the public to speak to items posted on the agenda before the Board addresses these items.