Volunteer Information


The Thomaston Public Schools are providing updated guidelines and procedures for parent and community volunteers in our schools.  We continue to appreciate all our volunteers, who graciously give their time and talents to our staff and students.  Please note that the additional steps in the updated process are to ensure the safety of our students and compliance with State and Federal guidelines.
There are four (4) components that need to be completed PRIOR to volunteering so please be sure to begin this process in a timely manner:

  1. Notification of Intent to Volunteer – please send an email to HR@thomastonschools.org with the following information:
    1. Your Name
    2. School where you will be volunteering
    3. Event where you will be chaperoning, supervising or volunteering
    4. Date of the event
    5. Teacher or Administrator in charge of the event
  1. Fingerprints - All prospective volunteers must be fingerprinted and cleared prior to volunteering in our schools. 
    1. There is a pre-registration process with the State of Connecticut that must take place BEFORE being fingerprintedComplete the Fingerprint Pre-registration Form. Once you are registered with the State’s CCHRS system, a bar code will be generated and issued to the email you supplied on the registration form. 
    2. Make an appointment for your fingerprinting and bring the following:
  1. PRINT a copy of the barcode to bring with you to your fingerprinting appointment.  YOU MUST BRING THIS BAR CODE WITH YOU
  2. Current photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport.
Suggested agencies for fingerprinting:
  1. Thomaston Police Department – You must schedule an appointment, in advance, by calling 860-283-4343.
  2. Any local or State Police Department.
  3. Department of Public Safety/State Police Headquarters in Middletown, CT - You will need go to portal.ct.gov/DESPP to schedule an appointment.
Please note:  There is a fee charged at each facility for the service of fingerprinting. This fee is approximately $20 and is the responsibility of the prospective volunteer.
  1. Department of Children and Families – All prospective volunteers must also submit to a DCF background check.  This check will be conducted via the information provided by the completion of the Authorization for DCF CPS Background Check DCF-3031 Form.  Please complete this form carefully and in its entirety.   Once completed, email the form to HR@thomastonschools.org.
  1. Board of Education Volunteer Expectation and Guidelines -  All volunteers must read and sign the Board of Education Volunteer Expectation and Guidelines Policy 1212.  This can be done via the link and submitting the signed form to HR@thomastonschools.org prior to or on the first visit to the school.
Please note the following:
  • If you wish to volunteer in more than one of our schools, you only need to complete this process once.
  • The fingerprinting and background checks will be valid for a period of three years.
  • This set of guidelines applies to volunteers who interact directly and/or supervise children.  This includes, but is not limited to, classroom volunteers, Junior Achievement volunteers, chaperones for field trips and field day events.  If you have any questions regarding the need for fingerprinting, please contact the applicable school.

Employees of the Thomaston Public Schools or ESS (as a substitute teacher) are exempt from fingerprinting and DCF in this case.